Justice For Roji: Roji Roy, a 19-year-old nursing student, died under mysterious circumstances after a fall from the 10th floor of the hospital on November 6. A resident of Nallila, near Kollam, Roji was a second-year student at the nursing college run by KIMS. According to the hospital authorities, she committed suicide by jumping off the floor of the hospital. The incident occurred at 12.30 p.m. The seriously injured girl student was admitted to the ICU of the same hospital where she was declared dead at 6 p.m. However, it was alleged that the student chose the extreme step after she was pulled up by the college authorities following a complaint by a group of first-year students over a ragging attempt on them. The kin of the victim denied the suicide report and filed a complaint with the police seeking a probe into the incident. Roji’s teachers and class mates at MGD High School where she did her schooling say it is unbelievable that she was involved in the a ragging incident as she had been a well-mannered student. The family of the victim says the approach of the hospital authorities was suspicious as they were hestitant to share the details initially and were giving contradictory versions of the incident. A Facebook page started seeking justice for Roji was created on November 11. The page has so far garnered several “likes” and more and more people are now joining the campaign. Apart from that, many have changed their profile picture to Roji’s image, and shared posts and statuses seeking justice for her. The campaigners are in an effort to get the victim justice as they allege that the mainstream media showed no interest in the matter. Join us as we discuss this issue and take the Justice For Roji campaign ahead.