The Finance Minister presents the Union Budget for 2015 on Saturday, 28 Feb, and expectations have started building up. The nationwide euphoria of the ‘Modi wave’ is still strong in people’s mind, and they hope that there will be significant policy changes that would make a positive impact on their day-to-day lives. IndiapostLive spoke to the "Common Man", who has nothing to do with the nitty-gritty of the very volatile and evolving business world, to find out expectations from the budget. While some of the responses were no surprise, we managed to find people for whom a reduction in prices of chocolate, ice cream and branded clothes are essential for a better life. ;) For others, gold prices need to come down so that a girl can show off at her wedding. Will the Modi government be able to live up to all these items on the wishlist? Well, the Budget will surely be a litmus test! Donn't miss the part-2 of this video, where people tell us what they think should cost MORE in the Union Budget. Top on the list: salary!!!