Astitva, a multi-genre Hindi band from Delhi is one of the country's most sought after Hindi music bands today. Comprising of young and talented musicians, the band Astitva has been working towards carving a niche for themselves with their unique music. Formed in 2007, the five member band derives its name from the Sanskrit word Astitva, meaning identity. The band consists of Salman Khan (vocals), Ayush Gupta (percussions), Zaman Khan (guitars), Kamal (keyboards) and Amit James (bass). For Astitva, music is not just about striking the right musical notes and chords but also about touching the right emotional chord. And they have been doing just that by belting out songs with a magical blend of rock, jazz, and Hindustani Classical. The band encompasses hybrid styles of exquisite melodies and everlasting pop/rock instrumentation and consider their music as a labour of love as well as a message of hope to all.